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Contingency Fee Patent Litigation

The Katz Firm selectively accepts cases on a contingent fee basis. We have obtained for our clients millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements in which our clients did not have to pay us any fees until we generated a recovery for them.  That is, we don’t get paid unless you get paid.  Some firms may risk the value of their attorney’s time.  On a selective basis, we go one step further by also advancing the costs of litigation including expert fees, deposition costs, and other out-of-pocket costs.  Of course, no one can guarantee outcomes.  Taking a patent infringement case on contingency requires the skill of an experienced attorney.

We offer a free evaluation of your situation, whether you are facing competition from a competitor who is infringing your patent, or you are simply trying to get compensated for someone else’s use of your invention.

Our Philosophy: We deliver value, not hours.

We do not seek to be compensated on an “hourly” business model.  The Katz Firm prefers to align its interests with those of its clients.  Our experience allows it to evaluate the strength of a client’s intellectual property or the strength of its claim, and to then represent clients on a contingency fee arrangement.  We are very selective as to the engagements we choose to accept.  We approach every case with the attitude that winning is the only option.  The Katz Firm benefits side-by-side with the client, and as part of that relationship, is prepared to go the distance to achieve a favorable result for our client.

We only accept meritorious cases.  We often litigate in the Eastern District of Texas where the courts use local patent rules to keep cases moving on schedule.  Fewer than 5% of all patent infringement cases go to trial.  But many cases settle “on the courthouse steps” just before trial.  Therefore, we are always prepared to take a case to trial, and we begin our preparations for trial on the day we file your case.  Without aggressive and practical representation, you may not receive full value from your intellectual property.  You probably spent good money to obtain your patents.  When it’s time to talk about enforcing them, contact us to allow us to earn the privilege of representing you.

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